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What Are the Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Produce Program?

Partnering with a managed produce program can provide several benefits for your foodservice operation.

From access to high-quality produce to guaranteed food safety and compliance, let’s take a look at some of the core benefits of partnering with a managed produce program:

Access to a Wide Variety of High-Quality Produce

Managed produce programs typically have relationships with a large number of farmers and suppliers, which allows them to offer a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables. This ensures you’ll be provided fresh fruits and vegetables that meet high standards for quality and taste.

Consistency in Product Quality and Availability

Managed produce programs inspect and grade produce to ensure that it meets established standards for quality, taste, and safety. Managed Produce Programs like Fresh Concepts work closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure that the produce they provide is of consistent quality and is available when needed. You’ll have access to a steady supply of the produce you need to prepare dishes, even during peak seasons or times of high demand.

Reduced Cost and Risk

A managed produce program can help reduce costs and risks associated with sourcing produce by handling logistics, such as transportation, storage, and inventory management. It also helps to mitigate risks associated with sourcing produce by ensuring that the produce you’re provided is safe to consume and meets or exceeds food safety standards.

Expertise and Support

Managed produce programs often have experienced industry experts on staff who can provide valuable support and expertise on everything from sourcing and selection to food safety and sustainability. You’ll have access to the help you need to ensure there is full transparency in the process.

Food Safety and Compliance

Managed produce programs are often well-versed in food safety regulations and compliance and can ensure that the produce they provide meets or exceeds food safety standards. Managed Produce Programs implement traceability systems to track the origin and movement of produce from farm to table, to quickly identify and isolate any produce that may have been contaminated. Your produce complies with all relevant food safety regulations, such as those set by the USDA, FDA, and local health departments and everyone involved in the process follows best practices for food safety.

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What Does Field to Table Produce Management Mean?

As a foodservice operator, you may be familiar the term “Field to Table Produce Management.” It’s a term used by many Produce Management companies to bring you the utmost fresh, safe, and reasonably priced produce to your operation.

In more depth, Field to Table Produce Management is a holistic approach to sourcing, focused on pricing, quality, food safety and service throughout the supply chain. Each step in the supply chain is uniquely important and plays a crucial role in protecting quality, price, and food safety.

If there are failures or mismanagement in growing, transportation, cooling, packing, processing, distribution and even handling inside the restaurant, the entire supply chain fails. Like any Team, the final result is only as strong as the weakest link. By qualifying and cultivating relationships with each key stakeholder in the supply chain, an operator can have a deeper and more rewarding experience with each supplier, which will produce higher yields, better products, and lower costs.

Field to Table Produce Management is a form of food traceability, which is, the ability to follow the movement of a food product and its ingredients through all steps in the supply chain, both backward and forward. This documents and links the production, processing and distribution of said products, according to the FDA.

When you are transparent to your customers about where your produce comes from, it shows that you prioritize where and how your food is grown and where it is sourced from – which is locally. You’re giving your guests that reassurance their produce is carefully handled, thoroughly washed, and safely prepared for them to enjoy without hesitation.

Field to Table Produce Management puts your mind at ease because you know you’re getting quality produce that is carefully managed, while paying the correct price. You’re also partnering with a company who demonstrates safety and loyalty to their foodservice operators.

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Foodservice Produce Sourcing – How and Why?

Foodservice produce sourcing refers to the process of acquiring fresh fruits and vegetables for use in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other foodservice establishments.

Sourcing high-quality produce is critical to the success of any foodservice business, as it impacts the taste, quality, and presentation of the dishes served. Using fresh, high-quality produce can help elevate the flavors and overall dining experience for customer too.

On the other hand, using subpar or spoiled produce can lead to a disappointing meal and potentially harm the reputation of your restaurant or foodservice establishment.

This is why it’s important to join a produce program like Fresh Concepts.

At Fresh Concepts, we specialize in produce sourcing specifically for the foodservice industry. We work with a network of growers, packers, and distributors to provide high-quality fresh produce to our clients.

Additionally, sourcing produce from reliable and trustworthy suppliers can help ensure that the food is safe to eat. Contaminated or improperly stored produce can lead to foodborne illnesses, which can be incredibly dangerous for customers and damaging for the reputation of the restaurant.

By working with reputable suppliers, foodservice establishments like yours can help reduce the risk of foodborne illness and promote the safety and well-being of their customers.

Thankfully, our sourcing process involves a rigorous selection process that focuses on quality, safety, and sustainability.

Furthermore, sourcing produce from local or sustainable sources can help foodservice establishments reduce their environmental impact and support the local economy. By reducing the distance that produce must travel to reach the restaurant, foodservice establishments can help reduce carbon emissions and promote a more sustainable food system.

Additionally, sourcing from local farms and suppliers can help support small businesses and promote economic development in the surrounding community.

Our produce program also offers value-added services such as product education and training, menu planning, and customized solutions to help clients optimize their produce sourcing and improve their bottom line.

In conclusion, foodservice produce sourcing is a critical part of running a successful foodservice establishment.

By partnering with a produce program such as Fresh Concepts, establishments can ensure that they source high-quality produce at a reasonable price, which can enhance the taste and improve the safety of the dishes served and contribute to the overall success of their business.