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Our online dashboard for placing produce orders, reviewing pricing & order guides, and running metrics against your produce spend.

Distributor Dashboard for reporting costs, review of weekly pricing & contracts, ability to upload invoices and active Recall Management.

Shipper Dashboard for weekly FOBs, commitments and reporting purposes.

Weekly Produce Newsletter

newsletter module

Quickly monitor the Produce Market and gain insight into what drives supply, demand and price changes. This module is customized to your spend, including a snapshot of your highest usage items.

Cost Avoidance Tracker

cost avoidance

Monitor Fresh Concepts direct grower contract performance on top items vs market pricing.

Price Verification Tracker

price verification

Fresh Concepts makes sure that you are being charged the correct price by your distributors via our produce price verification tool.

Contract vs Market FOB Chart

Contract vs Market

Compare your produce prices to USDA commodity prices to track the strength of your contracts and make informed decisions when menu planning.

Year Over Year Chart

year over year

Compare your current prices and usage to previous years for insight into the changes that take place in your business.

Recall Summary

Recall summary

Track product recalls in real-time through our live recall system, showing all potential distributors and locations affected.

Market Price FOB Ticker

Market FOB TIcker

Custom FOB ticker based on your order guide to stay up-to-date on the produce items that matter most to you.

Order Tracker

Order Tracker

Track your total orders, cases and average cases per order to gain insight about your produce procurement.

Invoice Tracker

Invoice Tracker

Keep track of invoices and dollars spend to ensure that you stay on-budget and make accurate forecasts.

Customer Service Tracker

Customer Service Tracker

Log Customer Service Requests directly through the portal and track Fresh Concepts’ progress as they resolve issues and requests.

Evaluation Tracker

Evaluation Tracker

Monitor progress as Fresh Concepts visits and evaluates your grower shippers, distributors and operation locations.