Why Should You Join A Managed Produce Program?

Managed produce programs offer a wide variety of benefits to foodservice operators. From cost control to quality control, a Managed Produce Program gives operators access to produce specialists providing immediate support to resolve issues that arise and help you every step of the way.

So why should you join a managed produce program? Let’s look at some of the benefits a Managed Produce Program can offer operators and expert solutions available to help make better business decisions.

Controlled Pricing

Does the cost of your produce orders seem to increase during certain times of the year? From a pricing and cost control perspective, a Managed Produce Program can provide protection against market volatility and consistency in your produce purchasing. Having an expert procurement team negotiating on your behalf with distributors on freight, ensures that freight prices listed in the contracts you have in place are what they should be.

By taking advantage of features such as contract and freight management, a Managed Produce Program can provide an operator with complete transparency to what they’re paying on every contract item at any moment. Operators can know the contract details of every program driving pricing (shippers, FOB, escalation policy, and contract start/end dates).

Technology and Real-Time Visibility

Along with pricing benefits, a Managed Produce Program can report on several key metrics that every foodservice operator deserves to have access to in real-time. This includes contract vs. market FOB reporting, running comparisons against what you were paying previously, and price verification and invoice auditing to ensure that you’re paying what you’re supposed to.

There are also immeasurable IT benefits with a Managed Produce Program. You have access to an ordering platform that enables you to control what your locations are ordering. Solutions from experts like Fresh Concepts can integrate with any software or ordering platform that you prefer to use, transmitting orders and invoice data seamlessly and ensuring you have everything you need.

Expert Support

By taking advantage of a Managed Produce Program, you get access to a team of produce experts who can help every step of the way. These Produce Support Specialists can help with things like conducting regular business reviews with each Produce Distributor in every market servicing your locations, visiting the warehouse, looking at the product, reviewing serviceability, and ultimately enabling them to get your locations everything that it needs. Having access to experts who visit individual locations helps ensure best practices are being applied with storage and handling. This means you can have confidence your produce will get its maximum shelf life.

The Produce Program Your Operation Needs

Joining an expertly managed produce program can help your operation improve the quality, safety, and traceability through the supply chain of the ingredients you use in every dish while locking in prices and saving you money.


At Fresh Concepts, our Managed Produce Program is a best-in-class fully comprehensive Produce Program with several key benefits that every Food Service operator will love – including our Food Safety Program offering complete protection to our Clients in the event of an Outbreak and Recall. We also have thorough documentation of our Distributors’ and Shippers’ Audits, including 2nd party audits, all accessible to our Clients right in our proprietary Back Office.


Fresh Concepts offers all these benefits without any out of pocket expenses. You gain over 40 produce experts to drive down costs, improve quality, integrate IT tools, and provide support at a savings on your produce costs.

Contact our experts today and schedule an online consultation by visiting FreshConceptsInc.com.