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The Fresh Concepts Advantage

We Work for You

  • We are produce procurement specialists who actively manage all aspects of produce purchasing and distribution.
  • We sit on your side of the table and represent your best interests in all produce related matters.
  • We work for you, as part of your staff, without any direct billing, payroll costs or employee benefits, saving you overhead costs.
  • We establish produce quality and size specifications that best suit your product usage and restaurants' needs.
  • We regularly visit the restaurants in each market to make sure the produce they are receiving is meeting your specifications and to make sure local management is satisfied with their local distributor.
  • We provide regular product and quality reports that serve as valuable management tools.

We Work With Your Distributors

  • We regularly visit the local distributors to make sure they are maintaining proper food safety, sanitation, inventory control and quality control standards.
  • We oversee and manage your local distributor's performance to help improve their service to the restaurants.
  • We audit your distributor’s cost of product and establish selling prices on your behalf.
  • We audit your distributor’s invoices to make sure they are complying with the program.
  • We track and monitor your distributor’s third party audits, liability insurance and recall programs.

We Work with Your Grower/Shippers

  • We establish relationships with highly regarded grower/shippers who follow good agricultural practices to secure quality products that meet your produce specifications.
  • We negotiate contracts with grower/shippers that secure a quality product supply, while providing prices that consistently beat the market.
  • We regularly visit the grower/shippers to make sure they are maintaining and continually improving their food safety standards and procedures as well as their inventory and quality control.

How You Benefit

  • You have produce procurement specialists added to your staff with no increase to your budget.
  • You have produce experts who negotiate with grower/shippers and distributors on your behalf, with your best interests in mind.
  • You have expertly managed produce distribution, using the best local distributors.
  • You have risk managed programs with produce specialists who insure your distributors and growers are using the most up-to-date procedures for food safety and quality control.
  • You have produce specialists providing in-restaurant and immediate support to resolve issues that arise.
  • You have a team that has never failed to save a client 5-10% or more on their produce costs.